Setting up the Watchdog... Step by step

Launch App and open the App's menu in the top bar.

From there select the "Settings" option.

For Bluetooth OBD2 adapter check the "Bluetooth" option.

And select your Bluetooth OBD2 adapter in the "Bluetooth devices" list.

For Wi-Fi OBD2 adapter check the "Wifi" option.

And set the network address and port in the "Wi-fi configuration" option.

If the device has an internal GPS and you wish to enable geographical data, please make sure to check the "GPS" option.

Go back to the main screen and you are ready to go.

Make sure car is ON and OBD2 adapter plugged in port.

Tap "Start Live Data" in the App's menu to start the connection and recording.

While "Start Live Data" initiates a new trip record, "Resume Live Data" will initiate and merge data at the end with the latest existing recorded trip.